Conveyor Maintenance Specialist

Reliability to Ensure Equipment Runs Like it Should

Optimize your bulk material handling process with our maintenance specialists. NewPaakkola offers a full range of conveyor maintenance services: analytical, upkeep, repair and spare parts.

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Improved productivity, increased performance

NewPaakkola’s maintenance services maximize productivity and overall conveyor performance. Whatever your maintenance need, from analytical and diagnostic services to repair and spare parts, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy the material flow with NewPaakkola’s trained and qualified maintenance specialists.

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved reliability
  • Less labor intensive
  • Max efficiency per every hour of operation

maintenance process

NewPaakkola has developed, in the form of our “maintenance cycle”, an integrated and proven service concept to optimize your bulk material handling process.

Advanced Engineering Analysis

At NewPaakkola, analysis plays an integral part in our overall approach to problem solving. We offer a wide variety of analytical services that range from safety analysis to life cycle cost analysis. A comprehensive report is provided to the client after completion of the project.

On-site Conveyor Maintenance & Spare Parts

NewPaakkola’s maintenance specialists will keep your conveyors operating at peak efficiency, and in the case of emergency we can be on-site quickly to fix your problem. From belt repairs and alignments to conveyor roller and frame replacements – we offer a full range of replacement parts for bulk material handling equipment as well as refurbishment.

Factory Service

During maintenance shutdown NewPaakkola takes great care of your machinery. Our large and well-equipped maintenance hangar is the perfect solution when on-site maintenance and repair is not possible due to environmental factors (e.g. cold weather).

Tommi Juntikka
Toimitusjohtaja, CEO

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