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NewPaakkola has mechatronic engineering expertise to create high quality bulk material handling conveyors and related equipment - easy to install, safe to operate.

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Conveying you can trust

Heavy duty conveyors operate typically in diverse and challenging environments. Whether starting a new large-scale project or fine-tuning an existing one, NewPaakkola’s technology specialists can provide highly customizable conveyor solutions for your specific bulk material handling requirements.

Why NewPaakkola
  • Innovative planning
  • Robust design
  • Layout flexibility
  • own installation crew
  • Easy and safe to operate

How we do it

NewPaakkola offers both partial and comprehensive conveyor solutions. Please familiarize yourself with our services below to find out how we can best help you.

Conveyor system analysis and bulk material simulation

How to best understand clients’ specific material conveying needs? NewPaakkola’s combination of market-leading EDEM software and systems engineering know-how provides both in-depth material and machinery expertise necessary to create custom designs and prototypes

Conveyor design & engineering

We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate, and by working directly with our field crew, our design team is able to adapt quickly and effectively. Design optimization helps you to avoid costly errors during the early stages of your operation and makes achieving a high level of performance possible.

Conveying systems manufacturing

NewPaakkola’s product engineers are proud to create high quality bulk material handling equipment such as stationary machinery. Our conveyors are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, all made to fit the material they’re transporting and the environment they’re transporting it in. Whether hot or cold, humid or dry, we can adapt and deliver.

Conveyor installation services

Our highly skilled installation crew doesn’t just assemble and install bulk material handling systems but can also provide technical support, training and supervision throughout the production process.

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