Conveyor components

NewPaakkola offers a wide range of conveyor components, such as conveyor drums, rollers, belt tensioners, conveyor guides and belt cleaners.

Heavy, medium and light conveyor drums

NewPaakkola has developed its conveyor components based on its experience together with its customers. The product development of the drums has focused on the durability of components and the optimization of their service life. The drum range includes heavy, medium and light conveyor drums, which are selected according to the intended use. The coatings on the drums depend on the application.

Versatile range of components

NewPaakkola’s conveyor rollers have been developed to meet customer requirements. In the development of the rollers, special attention has been paid to sealing solutions to match the needs of changing conditions. In addition to drums and rollers, other components include roller stands and belt tensioners, conveyor guides and belt cleaners. Drum scrapers and belt plows are also part of the company’s component range.


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