Conveyor maintenance

NewPaakkola’s conveyor maintenance service operates both at the workshop and on-site at industrial sites.

Full service conveyor maintenance

A lion’s share of the future costs of a material handling system are determined by the choices made at the beginning of its life cycle. Most of the life cycle costs come during the post-commissioning period in the form of spare parts, labor, maintenance and energy. Good planning and consideration of life cycle costs at the earliest possible stage can significantly reduce in-service costs.

Conveyor maintenance includes

  • Driving style optimization and usability
  • Greasing
  • Adjustments and clean-ups
  • Belt alignment
  • Individual roller bracket replacements
  • Belt repairs
  • Conveyor drum replacements
  • Return and track roller replacements
  • Conveyor drive replacements
  • Clean-ups
  • Skirt rubber replacements
  • Repair of tension devices
  • Repair of funnels and wear-resistant steel
  • Repair of roller supports

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Our service offering also includes hydrodemolition, where high pressure water is directed at the cracks and pores of the concrete surface, whereby poor-quality material is broken and good material stays intact. Hydrodemolition cleans steel and leaves an undamaged base, which allows further processing of the good surface. Hydrodemolition does not damage the usable structure, so the rebar stays intact and is cleaned of rust at the same time. Hydrodemolition can also be used to demolish entire structures, such as edge beams.

  • Cleans the steel surfaces
  • Does not damage structures

Mechanical blasting

Dry ice blasting is ideal for areas where the use of water is prohibited. Dry ice is a substance of almost -80 ° C, completely non-bacterial and non-toxic, compressed from liquid carbon dioxide. The dry ice does not liquefy at any stage, but as the temperature rises it gasifies and melts by evaporation. The blast freezes the material that is being removed, after which it cracks and eventually comes off.

  • Dry ice cleans efficiently
  • Moisture-free and non-toxic cleaning
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