NewPaakkola Oy strengthens leadership with new appointments

Jan Palo named CEO of NewPaakkola Oy

NewPaakkola Oy’s Board of Directors have appointed eMBA Jan Palo (b. 1973) to serve as the new CEO, effective 1.3.2018. Jan Palo has been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years (Palot-yhtiöt Oy), and has served in several positions of responsibility in the boards of joint ventures and in management.

Jan Palo has also worked in the regional development companies and is the chairman of the Lapland Chamber of Commerce and Kemi-Tornio committee. In the beginning the CEO’s focus will be on developing the company’s organization and processes, the continual improvement of the safety and quality criterions and the enhancement of the security of supply.

Tommi Juntikka named Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) of NewPaakkola Oy. As CBDO, Juntikka will be responsible for the sales and development of products and services. His task is to challenge the existing modus operandi and to innovate new solutions.

Toni Erkkilä named Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of NewPaakkola Oy. As CTO, Erkkilä will be responsible for the technology, new product development and design process.

NewPaakkola Oy is a design and manufacturing company that brings robust conveyor solutions to the industry. We understand the different material flows of industrial processes. We transport material safely, efficiently and reliably. Our vision is to provide the best user experience by offering our customers convenience and efficiency across the lifespan of the whole process.   


NewPaakkola Oy’s Board of Directors have appointed eMBA Jan Palo to serve as the new CEO. 
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