About the Company

Design and manufacturing company

NewPaakkola is a Finnish conveyor solutions provider that offers high quality bulk material handling systems and services.

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There is more to NewPaakkola than meets the eye

We provide truly customizable solutions to each of our clients from the planning stages to the maintenance of the finished product – with us, you will never convey alone. We are also…


Machinery, environmental factors, materials…
We understand that true innovation comes from thorough understanding of the whole process, not just a sliver of it. We continuously challenge ourselves so we can better serve our clients.


Compared to conveyors, trucks are only about 50% efficient because they use a lot of fuel whether they’re carrying full loads or not. Less CO2 and particulate emissions, less exposure to dangers – better for the environment, better for the workers.


Our highly motivated team is always seeking new challenges. Do you want to challenge us?

Safety & Environment

Our sustainable conveyor solutions are not only good for the workers and the bottom line, they are good for the environment as well. No project is so important that it can’t be done in a safe and sustainable way.


You just might be the next great problem solver we have been looking for.