Safety & Environment

Good for the people, good for the environment

Our sustainable conveyor solutions are not only good for the workers and the bottom line, they are good for the environment as well. No project is so important that it can’t be done in a safe and sustainable way.

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NewPaakkola is proud to offer conveyor solutions that are good for both the people and the environment. Here are a few reasons why:

Increased safety

A proper upfront design makes sure that safety is more than just a fancy slogan on the wall, it’s a built-in property. In general, conveyors are good for safety because with less workers in the pit, there is less exposure to safety risks.

Energy efficiency

Conveyors are an efficient way to move materials and energetic optimization reduces runtime of the machines even further, thus, reducing overall energy consumption. Trucks, in comparison, are only about 50 % efficient because they use a lot of energy whether they’re carrying full loads or not.

Environmentally friendly

Saving energy is good not only for the bottom line but for the environment as well. Conveyor systems create less harmful CO2 emissions and particulates than rival systems of haulage, while reducing noise pollution and water usage.