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Sustainability is an integral part of our daily lives in every aspect of our business. Our goal is a balance between sustainable development, economic success and social responsibility.

We help build circular economy

We respect the principles of sustainable development in all of our company’s operations and the entire value chain from production to partnerships. We have minimized our carbon footprint from our machine shop all the way to the end products. The electricity we use comes from hydropower, and pellets are used to heat the machine shop. When one day we don’t have to use fuel in our vehicles, we are very close to completely carbon neutral operation.

Sustainability through energy efficiency

In 2021, we moved to a deposit policy for conveyor drums, which encourages the recycling of functionally valuable parts of the equipment. The customer will be paid a deposit for the returned, used drum. The pledge policy is agreed upon at the contract stage. A similar principle has been successfully tried in other industries, for example in the case of gearboxes in commercial vehicles.

People & Environment

More security to day-to-day operations

The deposit policy is part of our circular economy thinking, as drums end up being reused. When valuable parts are not scrapped, natural resources are saved on a practical level. The lifespan of the parts is extended and the need for raw materials is reduced.

Saving energy helps reduce emissions

The deposit policy combines the circular economy and, at best, the design and management of the device’s life cycle. In the mining industry, the lifespan of a conveyor drum is usually 5 to 10 years while the system itself is used for a much longer period. Life cycle thinking at the design stage guarantees long-term savings in the spirit of sustainable development.


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